3D Robot Sketches

Carter 3D sketch


These are the sketches that I worked off of while creating my 3D shoe model and 3D robot model all i have of them is this PDF so I hope nobody minds that.


3D Assignment: Robot

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 2.50.48 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 2.50.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 2.50.35 PM


This one may need some explaining the design is a copy of magnamite a pokemon that looks like this


Accessibility Issues

Many people don’t understand how difficult it is for people who cannot see in a world where we all look at screens for almost everything we do. Being blind a man cannot see the world the same as we do, they cannot use the Internet in the same way they cannot see a screen to use a mouse or see where a mouse is on the screen so they cannot click anywhere. Instead blind people can so the Internet through there ears using tools known as web readers. These readers are used to read the contents of a webpage back to a person who cannot see it. More information about web readers can be found HERE. Some things that need to be remembered when you create a website that can make all the difference to someone that cannot see the page the same way as some others are things like how different colours look to someone who is colorblind. In order to help you find out what works for these people you can use websites that look at the website you have made (or any websites really) and see how good it will look to someone who is colour blind. Wave is one of these sites and HERE and HERE are two examples of what these websites can show you. Not making a website accessible to everyone hurts whatever the cause of your website is, if you are running a business that is one less person who won’t be buying from you every time someone cannot access your website correctly.

Assignment 5.1 Design 106


Out of the three choices given I chose to take a closer look at the pine point presentation.  Going into the presentation after taking quick looks at the first 2 I expected the presentation to be more interactive than it was. I expected the presentation to be less linear than it ended up being though the parts that were interactive were rather well implemented.

Going into the first page of the sight finding the back and forward buttons took me about 20 seconds longer then it should have. After that looking through the sight became almost entirely linear. The imagery on the sight was just like something out of the title sequence of a Judd Apatow movie. After you get past that though most of the show is rather cheesy for there effects things like clicking on the almost newspaper clipping like text moves it off to the side of the screen so you can see what’s on the screen better. It does this very well but then when you want to see the text again the text box is so small on the side of the site that it is actually quite difficult to get the text back again. Another thing that bugged me on the site was that I never knew how long to stay on a page I would just sit there till they had talked for a while then I would feel awkward and leave the page after I was done reading the text. So really on the surface the entire thing looks very well put together but the interactive presentation turns out to be almost entirely Linear with a lot of little things that just kind of ate at me.